The presence of money is good; its absence is depressing. The presence of money can make things work well, while things may take a gloomy position when money is lacking. The presence of money is not as good as managing it. A mismanaged fund is like throwing a brand new pearl in a pigs’ pen. Money is better appreciated when saved or invested. Saving or spending money requires some wisdom. There are SOME GREEN LIGHTS and RED LIGHTS that beeps when it comes to money matters. Each time you want to spend, save or borrow money, there is the sound of an alarm bell ringing somewhere.  You need to listen to the sound of the alarm bell and watch out for the beeping lights. These will serve as your financial signals.

  1. Guaranteed savings:

Banking saving is simple. It’s just a matter of going to a bank of your choice and request to have an account open in your name.  Pretty quick it is done and you begin to save your money. This means you are sure that your money is ‘safe’ and secured with the bank. Then you begin to wait to harvest some accrued interest on your savings.  But there is a limit to the level of ‘assured safety of your money in this case. Why? There are so many occurrences that can render your savings ‘insecure’. An occurrence of a sudden economy down-trodden, hit by bank-failing syndrome, trade collapse, a burglar incident, miscalculation, and or dishonest activities may have some effects on your savings. The impact of some of these activities is sometimes really unbearable.

But the good news is the  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which serves as a protector and succor in times of uncertainty. FDIC strives to see that all those who have savings in a bank are provided cover up to at $205,000.  This makes your savings legitimately safe. This is cheering news and a good radiant ‘Signpost’.

  1. Direct borrowing

 Another important ‘signpost’ is the chances of taking a loan from a cash lender. There are occasions when some unforeseen expenses suddenly pop themselves up, some bills that cannot wait, some home needs that immediately require attention and other unexpected crucial expenses. This is where the need for a Payday Loan arises. It is noteworthy that some Payday are mere ‘errand-servants’ or a ‘link-bridge’ who serve the interest of a real lender. These third-party or ‘errand-servants’ lenders work for a small commission. Some are really insincere third-party lenders who can breach the trust of the borrowers by selling their information to other lending companies who in turn harass them with unsolicited marketing gimmicks.

Nothing is better than dealing with a genuine and direct-lender straight away.  A direct-lender is the real owner or the source of the money.

  1. Online Security

It is helpful to talk about the third ‘signpost’.  Buying online is really in vogue and it makes our purchases easier and quicker. There are many online platforms that are genuine and with good intentions, while there are several others marauding themselves by stealing information and identities of many internet users. Some rake information of internet users only to resell it to a third-party. It is always necessary to scrutinize and confirm the true status of some websites before dealing with them. Be wary of some websites asking for your personal and financial information. Check if they are ‘secured’ or not. “https’ signifies secured and safe to deal. Contact icash for more information.